Plate Painting for Save the Children Fund

Every year we invite local school children into our Lochinver and Ullapool potteries, to paint a plate as a fundraiser for Save the Children Fund. We are always impressed with their confident use of our colours and the imaginative designs.  To see the plates above in more detail click here.


We have supported SCF since 1977 by doing this activity. A small fee is paid by the parents and all proceeds go to this worthwhile charity. Between Lochinver, Ullapool and smaller schools, some years we have had over 90 kids - quite exhausting but always fun to see the uninhibited creativity - we wish we could handle the colour like that! We received a special letter of thanks from SCF when the Highland Stoneware donations went over £10,000....that was quite a few years ago!


If you like the idea of children helping children, and have enjoyed seeing the finished articles, please make a donation to Save the Children via our Just Giving page. Thank you!