How It's Made... 


All of our clay, glazes and decorating colours, are mixed to our own recipes, and made by us here in Lochinver.


Our pots are made, using three processes: 


Jigger and Jolley - for all plates, bowls mugs, etc.













Hand Throwing - for vases, lamp bases and many of our one-off specials    













Our unique Extruder - for our Salmon and fish dishes, Geo squares & rectangles and Tiles. 

























Each piece is carefully modelled, assembled, and finished by hand.






The pots are then dried and loaded into the kiln for the initial 'bisque' firing to 1000c



















The next stage is to dip the bisque pot in the base glaze.














It is then skillfully free-hand decorated by our artists.    


























Our distinctive patterns are created by applying our unique palette of colour using a range of  specialised techniques, primarily brushwork, but also sponging, wax resist, and sgraffito.


The pots are then fired to 1300c. in a carefully controlled gas-fired kiln atmosphere. 














At this stage the glazes completely change  colour.  This 'reduction' firing gives us a richness and depth of quality, with permanence and durability that is the hallmark of Highland Stoneware.